Other Treatments

bonding diğer tedaviler

The bonding application is the hardening of the composite filling suitable for the natural tooth color, without applying any abrasion process on the tooth structure.

pembe diş estetiği diğer tedaviler
Pink Dental Aesthetics

Among the items that serve to define dental aesthetics; There are factors such as the color of the gums, the level of the gums with the teeth, and the health of the gums.

kompozit dolgusu diğer tedaviler
Composite Fillings

Composite filling method can be used to repair the damaged tooth structure due to decay, cracks, fractures or similar reasons.

estetik dolgular diğer tedaviler
Aesthetic Fillers

Fillings that are adjusted according to the patient’s original tooth color and therefore cannot be visually distinguished from the person’s natural tooth enamel are called aesthetic fillings.

kanal tedavisi diğer tedaviler
Root Canal Treatment

If any dental nerve is damaged by a blow, trauma, decay or any other reason, the body accepts this non-living nerve as a foreign material and creates inflammation.