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The most prominent place on the face when smiling or speaking is the teeth. Lack of care, bad color and problematic appearance of the teeth can cause lack of self-confidence in people. However, in some cases, it may not be enough to straighten the teeth only in order to have an aesthetic appearance during both speaking and smiling. The aesthetics of the gums plays as important a role as the teeth in having a pleasing smile. In order to achieve an aesthetic appearance, some patients may need to remove the irregularities in the gums. These irregularities; It covers different points such as the levels of the gums, zenith points, papillae, thickness and color.

As in dental aesthetics, there are some criteria that must be met in order to achieve the best results in gingival aesthetics. Creating natural-looking gums is considered the most important point for successful gum aesthetics. The editing techniques to be applied in gingival aesthetics are determined according to the needs of the patient.

Although pink tooth aesthetic treatment is an aesthetic treatment, it also aims to protect dental and oral health. With gingival aesthetic applications, the advantages of treating gingivitis, preventing tooth loss, improving gingival tissues and correcting the length of the teeth can be achieved.

What is Pink Dental Aesthetics?

Having an aesthetic smile cannot be achieved only by having white and straight teeth. At the same time, the presence of gums compatible with these teeth is required. Aesthetic applications made for this purpose are called pink tooth aesthetics. Among the items that serve to define dental aesthetics; There are factors such as the color of the gums, the level of the gums with the teeth, and the health of the gums. In order for the gums to be defined as healthy, the gingiva must be light pink in color, the gingiva must have a rough and shiny appearance like an orange peel, and the gingiva must be firmly adhered to the tooth and bone. With the treatments within the scope of aesthetic dentistry, it is aimed to provide a perfect and aesthetic smile. Pink dental aesthetics can be applied to people who have completed their developmental age and do not like their teeth and smile.

How to Achieve a Perfect Smile with Pink Aesthetics?

In order to achieve a harmonious appearance in smile design, the teeth, gums, lips and jaw should be evaluated as a whole. It is aimed to obtain an aesthetic result by evaluating the current state of each of these elements. Therefore, pink aesthetics has an important place in the smile design process at least as much as dental aesthetics. Gums, which have an unhealthy appearance, can also cause the teeth to display an aesthetic appearance.

The teeth have certain forms and there are some gingival-related formations at the points where the teeth meet the gums. These shapes form the bottom lines of the teeth. An asymmetry, misalignment, worn or collapsed image in the lines in question can cause aesthetically unsightly appearances. In the treatment of pink aesthetics, interventions are made for the gums and lips of the patients. The aesthetic interventions have nothing to do with the teeth. Thanks to the pink aesthetic applied to the gums, these problems can be eliminated and serious changes can be made in the gingival appearance of the patients.

pembe diş estetiği nasıl yapılırHow is Pink Tooth Aesthetics Performed?

Pink tooth aesthetics is achieved by gently touching the lip of the imaginary line passing through the gums at the apex of the two teeth in the middle at the front during the smile. It is made so that the teeth are in a certain form with the gums. In some cases, there may be problems not only in the gums, but also in the alignment of the teeth. In this case, the gums are corrected first. Then the alignment of the teeth is completed. Pink tooth aesthetics, also called gingival aesthetics or gingivoplasty, is planned according to the patient’s gingival structure after a detailed examination.

There is no single method in dental aesthetics, also called pink aesthetics, and there are treatment processes in which different techniques are used for different problems.

Regenerative: With this method of dental aesthetics, new support structures can be created by using bone grafts after removing the damaged tissues in the teeth.

Gingivectomy: Within the scope of gingivectomy, which is one of the gingival aesthetic methods, the excess gums are removed in the gingival enlargement and in the areas where deep pockets are formed. The gingival contours are corrected, giving the gingiva an aesthetic appearance.

Gingivoplasty: The method known as pink aesthetics is used to correct excessively visible gingiva or asymmetric gingival levels.

Crown lengthening: It means the removal of excess gingival tissue to eliminate tissue loss in the teeth.

Since pink tooth aesthetics is classified as one of the minor surgical applications, it is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain or suffering during the treatment.

What is the Pink Aesthetic Recovery Process?

The recovery period of pink aesthetic treatment is generally between 1 and 7 days. However, the recovery period may vary depending on the treatment applied to the patient.

For whom is Pink Dental Aesthetics Suitable?

Pink dental aesthetics; It can be applied to people with different gingival levels, gingivitis, asymmetrical gingiva, more or less gingival.

Pink Gum Aesthetics Prices

Since the prices of pink tooth aesthetics differ according to the treatments applied individually, it is not possible to talk about a standard price. Pink dental aesthetic prices; It is determined according to the size of the problems in the patient’s gums, the causes, the region and the intensity of the procedures to be performed. For this reason, the price of pink tooth aesthetics is determined according to the detailed examination and the expectation of the patient.


It is a surgical procedure to correct irregular gingival lines that is usually the result of malpositioned teeth.


Dentist first determines the smile line and then reshapes the teeth using a guide. If there are no bone deformities, a perfect smile can thus be achieved.


If the patient has no metabolic problems, maximum recovery time is 2 weeks. The use of cauterization and laser equipment will accelarate the healing time.


It is performed under local anesthetics, so it is a completely pain-free procedure. 

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