Laminate (Leaf Tooth)

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Porcelain Laminate Veener, which is one of the aesthetic dental treatment methods, is also known as leaf tooth coating. In this method, the teeth are covered with leaf porcelain. The thickness of the plaques attached to the teeth can vary between 0.3 – 0.5 mm. Porcelain Laminate Veener, in other words Laminate leaf dental treatment, gives natural whiteness to the teeth. Yellowed, stained, broken teeth are repaired and a smooth and perfect appearance is achieved.

What is Laminate Leaf Teeth?

Very thin porcelain leaflet ceramics, which are adhered to the front surfaces of the teeth, which are in contact with the lips and cheeks, are called Laminate leaf teeth. With this method, bad appearances in the anterior region of the teeth can be corrected and an aesthetic appearance can be given. Since leaf porcelains are very thin and do not contain metal, they allow light to pass through. In this way, they look like natural teeth.

How is Laminate Teeth Made?

The patient to whom laminate leaf tooth application will be made undergoes a detailed examination first. The dentist determines the patient’s needs and draws up a treatment plan. After the shaping process given to the front of the teeth, the front of the teeth is ready for veneer application. By numbing the gums, the patient’s pain sensation during the operation is reduced. A small part is prepared in front of the tooth with the milling tool. This needs to be compatible with the laminate coating. The patient’s teeth are measured and pressed into the mouth with a prepared special cup. Thanks to the pressing process, the mold of the teeth comes out in this container. The mold is removed with the tooth size taken. Laminate Veeners are prepared in a period of 5-6 days. In some cases, temporary laminate or temporary filling can be applied to the patient during the preparation phase. The process is completed by placing the laminate leaf teeth on the teeth.

In Which Situations Is Laminate Leaf Tooth Applied?

Laminate leaf tooth application is known as a form of treatment used to eliminate aesthetic problems, especially in the anterior teeth. Laminate leaf tooth application; In the discoloration of the teeth that occur due to various reasons and cannot be removed by tooth whitening methods, in tooth alignment disorders as an alternative to orthodontic treatment and in some crooked teeth, in closing the gaps between the anterior teeth, in lengthening the short teeth due to wear or natural reasons, in erosion. In the restoration of teeth with associated wear, in various types of enamel tissue disorders, in the removal of unhealthy and unaesthetic fillings on the anterior surfaces of the teeth, in cases where the teeth are broken due to trauma, in cases where the lateral teeth are not incisors, in cases where the lateral teeth are not incisors, the canines are processed as lateral teeth, and the premolars are processed as canines to ensure normal anterior tooth symmetry. can be used.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Leaf Teeth?

Laminate leaf tooth application, which is a conservative process; It is sufficient to remove a very small amount of material, such as 0.3 – 0.7 mm, from the tooth. Due to the removal of a very small amount of dental tissue; It can be ensured that the hot and cold sensitivity that may occur in the tooth is kept at the lowest level. In most cases, there is no sensitivity.

Porcelain is a durable, colorfast and wear-resistant material. Its color does not change depending on factors such as tea, coffee and cigarettes. For this reason, it can be used for many years without changing its color and without undergoing a structural change.

Since the chewing surfaces of the teeth are not touched and their natural structures are not deteriorated, the patient does not lose their natural tooth feeling and the adaptation time is very short. Although porcelain is a brittle material under normal conditions, it becomes very resistant to tensile and tensile forces when chemically adhered to tooth enamel. It does not fall off easily. In laminate leaf tooth application; The change that will occur can be shown in advance by preparing the model of the teeth without any operation on the tooth.

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In How Many Days Is Laminate Teeth Made?

Patients who have laminate leaf teeth application can start using laminate leaf teeth in 2-3 sessions, if they do not need a treatment or an aesthetic intervention on their gums. It usually takes about a month to complete all stages, and this period may be prolonged in cases where teeth are required to be corrected or treated.

Laminate Leaf Tooth Coating Prices

It is not possible to talk about a fixed price since laminate leaf tooth veneer is a specially designed application. For this reason, it can be said that laminate leaf tooth coating prices will become clear as a result of the dentist’s examination according to the treatment to be made. The experience of the physician who will perform the application and the quality of the coating are effective in determining the laminate leaf tooth coating prices.

Laminate porcelain tooth prices may be slightly higher than the prices of other dental treatments. In determining the price, the quality and intensity of the dentist’s labor and the prices of the materials used in dental treatment have a significant impact. Laminate porcelain tooth prices can be relatively high due to the use of special materials in laminate porcelain tooth application, the need for difficult and sensitive clinical and laboratory processes, the measurement, preparation and application of the tooth require special technical knowledge and expertise.



Porcelain teeth will be placed over the visible surfaces of anterior teeth, thereby attaining an esthetically pleasing look.



It is suitable for patients who have discolored and misshapen teeth who have no or minimal misalignments.


The duration of the treatment depends on the number of teeth involved. On average, for 20 teeth, the treatment will take 7-10 days.


If you are looking for veneer solutions to fix discolorations and appearance of teeth, the most esthetically pleasing and natural solution is emax treatment. Emax veneers come in laminate sheets and these sheets are placed over the front side of teeth where only a minimal abrasion/reduction/shaving is necessary for preparation. Hence the procedure is sometimes refered to as laminate procedure.

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