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prepless aşındırmasız lamina

Although a beautiful smile depends on many factors, perhaps the most important role is played by beautiful and healthy teeth. In addition to caries and excessive discoloration of the front teeth, defects in the form of the teeth are also considered as obstacles to having a beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers applied to solve these problems used to cause some problems as they required cutting and reducing healthy teeth. Thanks to the advanced laminate techniques used today, very beautiful teeth and smiles can be achieved with porcelain leaves that require little or no material loss in the tooth.

What is Prepless Lamina?

In laminated tooth applications, the coating is made using the thinning technique in the healthy tooth tissue. It has the feature of being the application using the least thinning technique. In the treatment of prepless laminate, where the tooth surfaces are never touched mechanically, only chemical etching and bonding techniques are used. It stands out as a protective application that provides excellent aesthetics in suitable patients. In this method; Porcelain leaves specially prepared for the patient are applied on the tooth without causing any damage to the tooth.

People who want to have a whiter appearance in their teeth, those who have not been successful despite the previous whitening techniques, those who have broken teeth due to wear or any reason, those who are not aesthetically satisfied with the mouth, those who want to get rid of the problems that occur after root canal treatment and complain about yellowing. This method can be applied to those who Laminate teeth cannot be applied to people with nail biting and jaw disorders. First of all, after these problems are treated, laminate tooth application should be started.

What is Non-abrasive Lamina?

Laminate, also known as leaf porcelain, is known as one of the most aesthetically pleasing veneers, especially preferred for patients who are not satisfied with the shape or color of their teeth. In the laminated method, the anterior surfaces of the teeth are 0.3. 0.7 mm of abrasion is sufficient. For this reason, it is the method in which tooth tissue is lost the least. The laminate method, which is applied without any abrasion on the teeth, is called non-abrasive laminate or prepless laminate.

aşındırmasız lamina nedirHow to Make Prepless & Non-Abrasive Lamina?

After a detailed oral examination, the patient’s needs and expectations are taken into account, and the teeth to be applied with prepless laminate are decided. Necessary measurements are taken from the mouth and measurements are made on the photographs taken with the models obtained. The rehearsal material is tested in the mouth and the patient’s pre-approval is obtained. In the prepless laminate method, there is never any wear on the tooth. Lamine is prepared in computer environment by using ceramic blocks. Because they bond to the tooth by chemical bonding, they adhere with great strength. Since the teeth are not worn, there is no damage to occur. Prepless laminate is considered a harmless process since it is a minimally invasive procedure.

Since there is no abrasion on the teeth, the patient does not feel any sensitivity after the treatment. Brushing and flossing regularly is sufficient for dental care. It is recommended to use fluorine-containing toothpastes that do not have abrasive properties as toothpaste. Visiting the dentist every 6 months is extremely important in terms of maintaining oral and dental health. After the prepless laminate application, patients do not feel any change while eating, nor do they experience discoloration and staining problems. However, especially crusty foods that can damage natural teeth can also damage prepless (non-abrasive) laminates.

What are the Advantages of Prepless & No Abrasion Lamina?

Prepless laminate is considered one of the most successful methods in terms of obtaining fast and aesthetic results for dental problems such as discoloration, breakage and gap teeth. The treatment, which is completed in about a week, does not cause any loss of substance in the teeth of the patients. In the method where the application is made on each tooth one by one, a material with similar durability to natural tooth enamel is used. In addition to being highly resistant to breakage and abrasion, it does not change color over time. Since the inner surfaces of the teeth are not interfered with, the tongue is not foreign. Since their light transmittance is very high, a natural tooth appearance can be achieved. It is the most suitable and successful solution for patients who do not want to be abraded on their teeth. It can be removed at any time, allowing patients to use their own teeth.

Who Is Prepless & Non-Abrasive Lamina Suitable For?

Prepless laminated; It is applied in cases where the tooth form is small or there are spaces called diastema between the teeth. In cases where excessive tooth discoloration and tooth forms are different from normal, which cannot be eliminated as a result of the application of whitening treatments, prepless laminate application can be applied. In addition, in cases where the enamel surface has an extremely rough structure or there are caries at the enamel level, and as a part of smile design studies, prepless laminate application can be applied to give the teeth a more beautiful appearance.

Prepless laminate can be applied to people who have completed their teeth and jaw development. In patients whose development has not yet been completed, it is necessary to wait for the completion of development. Laminate applications may not be preferred in patients with teeth clenching and grinding habits. Although it is obtained from high-strength porcelain, laminated veneers can be damaged under excessive force. For this reason, it may be preferred to apply other aesthetic coating methods to patients with such habits.

Thanks to the developing techniques, the prepless laminate method, which can be applied frequently and preferred by many patients because it does not cause any damage to the teeth, is being used more and more. However, the basic condition is that the patient’s tooth structure is suitable for the application of the prepless (non-abrasive) laminate method. It is possible to get much better results with this method in patients who usually have intermittent teeth.

Prepless & Non-Abrasive Lamina Prices

Prepless laminate prices; It is possible to share a price information after the first examination, since it is determined according to how many teeth the application will be made for the patient and similar factors.





The cost depends on the number of teeth involved alongside with other factors. The dentist can only determine the cost after examination.


It is the correction of irregularities in the shape of teeth by capping them with porcelain laminate veneers.


Patients who do not like the form, the color and the size of their teeth are good candidates provided that they do not have orthodontic problems and have healthy dental surfaces.


Thin layers of porcelain laminate is attached onto the teeth with the help of special chemical bonding agents. 


The laminate layers are very thin. They do not require tooth reduction. 

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